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For many years, disabled Americans have been fighting for acknowledgement of their humanity and their rights in this country. From the passage of the ADA and beyond, people who are disabled have been asserting their rights—alongside the rights of all other Americans—to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

As a disabled person in the United States, and more specifically in Oregon, you have a wide variety of rights to ensure that you can live a full, accessible life protected from undue hardship and discrimination based on your disability. Unfortunately, there is a good deal of misinformation out there about what exactly disability rights entail, and why they are so important.

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I am a Disabled Person in Portland, Oregon. What are my Rights?

Disabled Person

If you are a disabled person, the ADA and similar Oregon-based legislation grants you many rights under the law. A few of the most central rights are:

  • Accessibility: You are entitled to reasonable accommodation so that you can access spaces, events, activities, and services. This may include:
    • Physical access accommodations (such as wheelchairs and ramps, as well as personal aides)
    • Assistive technology accommodations (such as hearing aids, visual aids, closed captions, braille, and augmentative communication devices)
    • Routes and egress (allowing the passage of someone with a wheelchair or other assistive device through public spaces.
  • Reasonable Housing Accommodations: As per the Fair Housing Act, you have the right to housing that does not discriminate against you because of your disability. This means that housing providers are unable to turn you away because you are disabled. It also means that they are required to change rules, policies, and services to accommodate for your disability, and allow you permission to make any physical or structural changes necessary to accommodate your disability. If you are disabled and your disability impedes your ability to make prompt rent payments, you may qualify for assistance from the state or federal government. You may also qualify for specially allocated subsidized housing.
  • Non-Discriminatory Employment: You have the right not to be discriminated against by potential or current employers due to your disability. During the hiring process, you have the right not to be passed over specifically because of your disability. As an employee (or a college/secondary education student), you have the right to accommodations to prevent both physical and social barriers to equality and access.
  • Education and Children’s Rights: Children from Kindergarten to Age 21 who are disabled have the right to free and appropriate education, including an IEP (Individualized Education Plan.) This may include a wide variety of services and opportunities to help children with disabilities live accessible, equitable lives.
  • Protection from Abuse: Disabled people are uniquely vulnerable to abuse. As such, they have additional protections to ensure their right to live free from abuse. This includes additional laws governing criminal domestic violence or sexual abuse, financial abuse, adult abuse and neglect, and legal abuse.
  • Financial Protection: Disabled people have the right to a wide range of financial protections. One of those protections is the right to participate in the Social Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) programs. These programs offer financial payments to cover cost of living for participants, who are called beneficiaries. Depending on the case, payments can be issued directly to beneficiaries, or to representative payees.

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I Have Been Denied or am Having Problems with SSI/SSDI and Disability Payments. Why is This Happening? Can a Disability Attorney Help?

Personal Injury

While the SSI/SSDI Disability program is intended to help all disabled people who need it, there are unfortunately several major barriers preventing disabled people from accessing the program. The fact is, the Social Security Administration (which runs the program) has many error loops and overworked employees who may miss or discount a claim in error.

It is important to remember that just because your initial claim was denied doesn’t mean you don’t still have a strong case. With the guidance of the right disability lawyer, you can re-file a much stronger claim and stand a much better chance of having your claim accepted.

In Portland, Oregon, the right attorney is Randy Rosenblatt, supported by the outstanding team at the Disability Law Office. At the Disability Law Office, your story is central, important, and valued. Our caseworkers, legal team, and lead attorney all personally attend to each case, delving into the details in order to help the client put their best foot forward.

No matter where your case is in the SSI/SSDI process, we are ready to take it on. Whether you’re at the very beginning of your application or you’re on your third appeal, Randy Rosenblatt and the Disability Law Office believe in their clients and fight determinedly for their rights.

We understand that the process of filing for disability payments can be incredibly stressful, both logistically and emotionally. That’s why we pride ourselves in our people-centric approach, valuing kindness, support and empathy above all else as we help our clients access their rights. We also have a community of experts and professionals on call, and will help set up any necessary appointments and consultations in order to get you to your goal.

In the end, disabled lives matter, and disabled rights matter. You have rights. Let us help you fight for them. If you’re looking for an SSI/SSDI Disability attorney in Portland Oregon, don’t wait. Call Randy Rosenblatt and the team at the Disability Law Office for a free consultation today at (503) 868-4748.

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