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Call now to schedule your consultation or file your claim - we can help you get in line right now for a hearing.

Disability Law Office

The Disability Law Office In Vancouver, Washington

Since 1992, Attorney Randy Rosenblatt and the team at Disability Law Office have been dedicated to the disabled and the discriminated. Through compassionate client advocacy and aggressive legal approaches, our firm ensures you get the benefits you deserve as efficiently as possible. We understand how the Social Security Administration works and how to work within it to your advantage.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Disability Claims Lawyer

Social Security Disability Lawyers Understand The Medical Evidence Requirements.

Providing adequate medical evidence is the most critical part of applying for disability and winning a disability claim. Unfortunately, disability applicants often are unaware of these particulars that the Social Security Administration needs and give too little or too much information.

Tenured disability claims lawyers understand the requirements that must be met to demonstrate your disability, leaving no doubts adequately. These specialized attorneys will:

  • Review all of your pertinent medical information;
  • Determine if you need additional tests or medical records;
  • Help you collect the necessary evidence;
  • Remove irrelevant information from your submissions;
  • Work with you to submit the documents to the SSA promptly;
  • And more!

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Disability Claims Lawyers Know How To Communicate With Medical Professionals

The evidence provided by medical professionals can be crucial to a disability claim. Favorable opinions from your doctor or medical provider may be beneficial. However, some are unwilling to help applicants for many reasons, such as unfamiliarity with the process, time constraints, and biases.

Your disability attorney will work to communicate with the medical professionals to solicit an agreeable response. Often, these individuals are more likely to respond to legal advocates' requests than patients.

Social Security Disability lawyers have experience dealing with reluctant medical professionals and will pursue their compliance on your behalf.

Disability Lawyers Understand The Hearing Process And Know Their Local Judicial Figures

Disability lawyers have invaluable experience with the Social Security Disability appeal hearing process and will know how to navigate it. In addition, disability lawyers are usually familiar with the administrative law judges in their district, which benefits clients because they understand how the judges like their hearings to progress and whether they have biases toward medical conditions or other factors.

With these advantages, your disability lawyer will be immaculately prepared for your hearing.

SSDI Disability Attorneys Can Counter Testimonies Against Your Claim

During your hearing, a vocational expert may testify to what work they believe the applicant can do in a work capacity despite their physical or mental limitations. While vocational expert testimonies can significantly impact your case, disability claims lawyers have experience with these testimonies and know how to respond to any part that may hurt your claim. Ideally, your lawyer will be trained to handle and flip the vocational expert's testimony so that it supports rather than hurts your claim.

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Disability Attorneys Get You Better Results

Last but certainly not least, an experienced disability attorney will know what arguments will win your disability appeal.

This is not something that every individual dealing with the Social Security Administration is privy to; however, it is the main reason retaining a disability attorney is non-negotiable.

Your disability claims lawyer aims to get you your maximum benefits as quickly as possible, and they are an indispensable resource in that process! Their wealth of knowledge is an asset that should be considered essential above all else.

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Disability Law Office has helped hundreds of people get the disability help they need. Our firm promises to continue to provide accessible and trustworthy legal services to those in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding areas. We can assist with any stage of the disability process:

  • deciding whether to pursue disability benefits
  • applying for benefits
  • preparing for a hearing before a judge
  • appealing a denial

In addition, we work on a contingency basis and get paid only if you win your case.

For more information regarding Social Security Disability Requirements or to book a free initial consultation with Attorney Randy Rosenblatt, call (503) 868-4748 or visit our website.

We look forward to working with you to get the Disability Benefits you need and deserve!

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